Customer Support

We’re passionate about providing a high level of service with expert knowledge to match.

The solutions we create are supported from the very start of development right through to their ongoing operation. At every stage, our customers have direct access to the expertise, information and support they need – peace of mind is a key focus.

Front line support from our technical customer service team covers across all areas including technical knowledge, delivery, engineering, sales orders and general enquiries.

To ensure a complete support solution, our team of field engineers are available to provide specialist support either over the phone or on site if required.

A key part of our service for many of our products is the annual subscription that ensures a customer portal login, user names & passwords, full customer care package, connection to the network, health monitoring, remote support, on site support, data centres and maintenance both predictive and reactive.


Research & Development

Wireless innovation is at the centre of Ramtech Electronics. Our research and development programme continues to deliver unparalleled, market-leading industrial solutions on which we pride ourselves.  We invest well over 10% of our revenue back into our R&D programme each year to ensure our people and technologies remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our customer-led approach defines our R&D activity, from the early discussions to the finished solution. This approach ensures that the products and services we develop for you are as focused and unique as possible.


We work directly with clients to offer maintenance and servicing programmes that deliver the flexibility and convenience required by busy companies. Our engineers can provide support over the telephone or on site if needed. There’s always someone on-hand to solve any issues.