Ramtech REACT - 24/7 site alerts and monitoring

Prepare yourself to REACT

Protecting your team, equipment and properties on site has never been more important. Designed specifically to help keep your site(s) safe, Ramtech's REACT platform is a cloud-based solution that can raise alerts in real time, sent to the people who can act on them.

24/7 monitoring and alert via a simple to use app, that sends data in instantly via the cloud to those who need to know - meaning they can respond as necessary, rapidly. Read more about the features below.

REACT in hand

REACT Mobile App

The user-friendly REACT app delivers real-time alerts to all relevant personnel, along with emergency response information such as site plans, evacuation routes and emergency procedures.

  • The App is used by personnel to raise alerts on-site (e.g. water damage, fire, hazard warnings, medical alerts)
  • Multi-platform app available for Apple and Android devices
  • Adjustable to meet the needs of your site

Browser Management Platform

The nerve centre of the REACT solution, the online platform allows easy online setup and customisation of users, sites, workgroups,  documents, locations and alerts.

  • Highly customisable system – equally suitable to small or large projects
  • Activity log stored online for auditing or incident investigation
  • Administrators can update all elements of the platform as required instantly, from map changes to adding or removing users

Designed to connect with other systems

REACT has been designed to work in partnership with our other innovative wireless technology systems, WES3 and WiSE. The systems can be linked in via the cloud to the REACT system, creating even greater monitoring of a given site and creating the ultimate protection system for your people, property and assets.