Our Technology

IoT Applications

We live in a connected world so regardless of the location – be it a caravan park, a construction site, or any other monitored location, the data and information gathered on site is only of value if it can be received and used by the people that require it, when, where and in whatever format is appropriate. That’s where we come in with our in-house capability in development of unique IoT solutions.


Cloud Based Services

Our cloud-based service applications allow valuable data to be collated from devices across distributed locations, then stored, processed and transmitted via one of our innovative cloud technology applications.  This is done with the highest levels of security and protection of data, ensuring full compliance with GDPR and similar legislation.

Radio Technology

All our systems are based on innovative wireless technologies, which utilise whichever radio frequency or technology is required for any particular project. This includes LPWAN, Bluetooth, GSM, WiFi and RFID, so we can provide you with solutions across a range of challenging environments. Our in-house expertise of radio engineering allows us to develop systems that are truly driven by the requirements of our customers.


Integration of Leading 3rd Party Technology

Connectivity is not only at the centre of our technology and the solutions we develop, it also forms a key part of our approach to business.

Identifying and connecting with best-in-class businesses results in strong, long-term partnerships. This is key to our success and ensures we provide the very best solutions to help strengthen your business capabilities.