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The journey to your perfect solution

Customer Insight

Our solutions are totally focused on your company’s need. This means at the very start of our relationship we look deeply into what problem needs a solution. We achieve this thanks to the extremely close, strong working relationships we build with our customers, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the legislative, environmental and financial factors that affect your business.

Development of your Solution

We make significant annual investment in new technologies and as such innovative product development is key to what we do. This in turns helps us find the best solution for you.

At the heart of our expertise – and the heart of your solution – is our own in-house technical team at our facility in Nottingham. Our team of electronic engineers, radio engineers and software developers are responsible for ensuring Ramtech products retain their leading position in the wireless field and continue to grow, helping ensure that you get the best end-product possible for your needs.

Ramtech's existing solutions

Ramtech REACT

Ramtech's REACT solution combines innovative wireless technology, cloud-based data, a simple-to-use mobile phone app and browser management tool to create a fully integrated, real time emergency response system that can protect a site 24/7.

The system has been designed to work with Ramtech's WES3 and WiSE systems - it also operates fully as a stand-alone system.

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Ramtech REACT


The WES fire safety product range is market leading and is now exported to over 20 countries. These solutions help protect industrial properties, construction sites and heritage buildings worldwide.

Developed in-house at Ramtech Electronics, the latest innovative products – such as WES3 – are built on our experience of creating WES+, the first temporary wireless fire alarm system certified to EN54-25 and developed specifically for the construction industry.



WiSE is a business information and monitoring platform providing real time alerts, data and information about security coverage, energy metering, fire safety, equipment failure, occupancy monitoring, staff management “check-in-checkout” and access history. It can also extend your existing security and fire system coverage, reducing the complexity and cost of enhancing your risk management systems. It is the result of nearly 30 years of product development and customer engagement to ensure our low power radio technology meets our customer’s needs and exceeds their expectations.