WES Fire Alarm System For Construction Sites Launched

We have recently launched WES, a new battery powered fire point system specifically designed for the construction industry which is quick and easy to install and can be used time and time again.

Developed by Ramtech in conjunction with two major construction companies, WES plays a key role in helping businesses meet the increasing Health & Safety requirements of the industry, providing an effective temporary fire system for construction sites. Being wireless, it is easy to install with no need for electricians or power as well as keeping the worksite safer and clutter-free because there is no need for wires. It is also easy to move to different locations around the site as work progresses on the construction project and can be moved from project to project making it a highly cost effective protection system.WES launch 3

In addition it is simple to programme and is easy to reset from any point, with no broken glass unlike traditional fire alarm systems. Its silent test feature also eliminates downtime.

“The Ramtech wireless alarm has been some 18 months in development and testing, but has been worth the wait,” said Ben Buttarazzi, health & safety manager, Kier Partnership Homes. “The best and most cost effective system on the market today without doubt, this device was tested in the most difficult of conditions on site interacting within masses of steelwork and concrete structures and performed way above my expectations. The quick installation and simple testing facility gives you peace of mind enabling health and safety requirements to be met.”

Housed in a robust, waterproof casing and capable of withstanding the sometimes harsh weather conditions of construction sites, the WES comprises an alarm, integrated strobe and siren. It also has a built-in low battery warning LED.

It can be programmed via a USB on a laptop/PC then configured to work either together or separately across an entire construction site. It is activated and reset simply by lifting a protective screen and pushing a button.

In addition the WES has a unique site number that prevents the system clashing with any neighbouring installation, and has a programmable zone number that allows each area of a site to be protected individually if required.

Andy Hicks said: “The WES is already attracting a great deal of interest from the construction industry with a number of the main contractors already starting to use it. It is a highly cost effective way of ensuring that health and safety requirements are met on site.”

WES launch

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