Intruder Alarm System Overview

Our alarm monitoring system is tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by the caravan & holiday park market, enabling you to offer additional peace of mind to your customers that their investment in their holiday homes and valuable contents is protected all year round.

Ramtech alarms are:

  • Robust enough to cope with challenging UK coastal weather
  • Designed to keep you in control – you’ll be able to monitor the system on-site and respond to any intrusions detected
  • Battery powered, so they’ll keep running even if you close during your off-season
  • Purpose engineered to cope with the signal transmission challenges presented by the metal casing of static caravans
  • Flexible enough to cope with various holiday home sizes, configurations and customer requirements

How the Ramtech wireless alarm system works

  • Installation
    We’ll install a central alarm monitoring base station and any individual alarms you need when you first start using Ramtech alarms. You can then add individual alarms to your system whenever you sell one to a customer. Each alarm is installed by us and will communicate directly with your monitoring station, so your Park office and security team have real-time access to system information.
  • The Rambase software

    Our specially developed Rambase software sits at the heart of the wireless security network. It processes the incoming signals from alarms installed on your park and in the event of an intruder alert, it will page your security team directly. Rambase was developed by our own R&D team to be user friendly and work seamlessly with any Ramtech wireless alarms. As well as handling intruder alerts, Rambase monitors the overall system status: each installed alarm checks in with the base system on an hourly basis, so any system faults or low battery warnings are picked up as soon as possible and can be attended to by our engineers as part of your regular maintenance schedule. You’ll also have the ability to investigate events, print reports or change many configurations to suit your needs.



System Applications

Although originally developed as intruder alarms for static caravans, Ramtech alarms work equally well wherever you require a method of providing a self monitored alarm network across a geographically challenging outdoor environment. Our customers have deployed wireless alarms for these purposes and more:

  • PIR (Passive Infrared) alarms to protect property and assets
  • Door contact alarm monitoring
  • Internal appliance protectors
  • External appliance protectors
  • CO, gas & fire detectors
  • Panic buttons
  • Pump alarms
  • Security patrol monitoring

Installing Ramtech Alarms

Interested in protecting your holiday park with Ramtech alarms? Just get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.