‘Tis The Season For Security

As the nights draw in, the holiday home owners move out, the park owners relax, and the burglars check out which sites don’t have adequate security.

Recent statistics gathered by Police in Lincolnshire, home to one of the largest concentrations of holiday homes in Europe, revealed a more than three-fold increase in reported incidents of crime in holiday parks which did not make use of recommended levels of security. So at this time of year, as the season winds down and many park owners look to a programme of winter maintenance, and a well-earned break, holiday park alarm system specialists Ramtech Electronics make their annual appeal for park owners to consider increasing the level of intruder protection on their sites.

“We always contact our existing customers at this time of year,” said Ramtech MD Andy Hicks, “because there are a number of seasonal security issues with which we can assist, and to remind them about additional features of their system such as its ability to protect other park features such as ATMs, outbuildings, or areas of new development that are often a feature of the winter months.

“The fact is, however, that all park owners should be taking active steps towards protecting their investment, and that of their own customers – the holiday homeowners. Holiday homes are increasingly luxurious and many come complete with expensive fittings which burglars see as easy pickings whilst owners are away.

“When you consider that parks already using the Ramtech alarm system are not only enhancing the park environment, but also generating valuable extra income from alarm sales, there really is every reason to put security at the top of the list for out-of-season activities.”

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