Ramtech Work With Bunn Leisure To Provide Internet Access To Four Parks

Wireless communications systems specialist, Ramtech, have recently been awarded a contract by Bunn Leisure to install a system which will provide internet access at their holiday villages in West Sussex.

Bunn Leisure is one of the UK’s largest holiday parks, comprising three holiday villages: White Horse, Green Lawns and West Sands and a camping and touring park Warner Farm, all on one site.

Ramtech is installing internal Wi-Fi coverage in all of the park’s bars, pubs and clubs to provide park users with access to the internet. At Warner Farm they are providing internet connections to enable outdoor Wi-Fi access for holiday-makers to use whilst staying at the park.

Ramtech and Bunn Leisure have a long-standing business relationship spanning over 15 years during which time Ramtech has installed approximately 800 alarms on Bunn Leisure’s sites.

Andy Hicks, managing director of Ramtech, said: “We are pleased to continue strengthening our long standing relationship with Bunn Leisure which has much to do with the values that we share for high standards of quality and providing excellent service. We are delighted to be further extending the range of services that we provide to them by installing Wi-Fi to various areas of their parks and ensuring ongoing support to help the park maintain its already high standards of customer service.”

Philip Mitcheson-Smith, general manager at Bunn Leisure, said: “Whilst our caravan owners and the thousands of holidaymakers we welcome every year come to get away from it all by the seaside, more and more are staying in touch with work and home over the internet whilst they are away.

“What sets us apart as a destination is exceptional attention to guest services, so we were keen to provide easy to use internet access for everyone.

“Having worked closely with Ramtech over the years, we knew they’d take a sensible approach to the project and we’re delighted with the result – a hassle free, value for money combination of wireless network coverage and hotspots.”

Ramtech alarm systems are currently installed in 30,000 holiday homes at over 250 park sites throughout the UK, with a rapidly growing number connecting to the internet through the Ramtech Wi-Fi internet service.

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