Ramtech Updates Alarms To Enhance Protection

Ramtech have launched an upgraded version of one of our alarm systems to give an added level of protection for areas of holiday parks which have high levels of unsupervised public access.

The alarms, which use passive infrared sensors (PIR), now include revolutionary anti-masking technology in the form of a microwave detector which senses any attempt to reduce the sensitivity of the alarm such as blocking the field of view or spraying the lens. Even when the alarms themselves are not activated, they will still detect if the performance of the PIRs is interfered with. The alarms in turn interface with the park’s main wireless security system and park staff will immediately be alerted at the central base station so that they can respond straight away.

They are particularly suited to protect such areas as bars, offices, tool sheds, shops, swimming pools as well as valuable and vulnerable items such as ATM cash machines.

Andy Hicks, managing director of Ramtech, specialists in the holiday park market says: “Parks have a number of facilities that are popular targets for thieves and it is crucial that park owners have effective systems in place to protect them. Some traditional alarm systems simply weren’t providing sufficient protection as they were capable of being interfered with during the day and then when the system was activated at night, they couldn’t detect any attempted break in or theft. The upgraded version of our alarm overcomes this issue.”

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