Ramtech System Help Secure Conviction For Holiday Park Thieves

Thieves targeting holiday homes across East Sussex have been convicted after the Manager of Winchelsea Sands Holiday Park used Ramtech security systems to help police catch them and secure a guilty verdict.

Winchelsea Sands Holiday Park was among a number of parks in the area being targeted by thieves stealing flat screen TVs from holiday homes over the winter period. With the help of security systems manufactured and installed by Ramtech, park manager Steve Garner was able to work with police to catch the criminals.

Using information from the Ramtech security systems installed on the park Steve pinpointed the times the thieves had struck before and used this information to develop a plan to target security patrols, which eventually led to catching the thieves.

Steve said, “On the night of the break in it was actually me doing the patrols and I had just finished checking the park, which seemed quiet, when the Ramtech pager went off. As it was at the time when the thieves had struck before I knew I had to act immediately so ran to the holiday home that was indicated as being broken into.

As I approached I saw a torch light inside and despite my temptation to go in, I did as agreed with the police and called 999. As the thieves made their getaway I took the car registration and relayed this to the police. It took only 15 minutes for the police to pick them up, with 3 flat screen TV’s in the car.”

The Ramtech systems have been on Winchelsea Sands Holiday Park since 1999 with 329 alarms in holiday homes across the park plus a number of portable alarms and security points where the security guards can check in on their patrols. Pagers alert security guards to the exact location of alarms being activated so they can take action immediately.

Steve continues: “The Ramtech alarms are an extra pair of eyes on the park and provide our security wardens with valuable information. Although most of the time the park is a peaceful, safe place, unfortunately incidents do occasionally occur and can be more common over the winter when holiday homes are unoccupied. We’re delighted that the security systems and procedures we have in place have resulted in a positive outcome.”

Paul Henson, sales & marketing director of Ramtech said, “With many holiday homes now containing an array of valuable technology they have increasingly become a target for thieves. Installing our security systems provides added protection and this conviction is a fantastic result, as not only did the Ramtech system help alert security to the exact location of the incident but also provided evidence to help secure a conviction. Steve used the technology to its fullest potential and through working with the police was able to help capture the culprits without putting himself or anyone else in danger.”

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