Ramtech Products A Success For Holiday Parks

Owners of Southfield Farm Caravan Park in Somerset were so impressed by the initial CCTV package installed by Ramtech Electronics, they have now upgraded to a full CCTV system to provide additional security for the site.

After initially purchasing a single CCTV camera and surveillance recording server last year, the park owners found the system so effective they commissioned the company to install a further three CCTV cameras on the park.

The wireless CCTV cameras can be positioned almost anywhere on the park making the solution highly flexible. One camera is located in a key position the other side of a public highway that, without the wireless system, would have been impossible to erect as permission to dig up the carriageway would be very difficult to obtain.

Anne Hicks, Owner from Southfield Farm Caravan Park commented: “In this current climate, crime and theft is bound to be on the increase so we feel it is important to take additional measures to protect our site. At first I was sceptical of the notion of wireless CCTV and its effectiveness on a large site, but after working with the single camera that was initially installed, I found it worked very well hence our investment in the additional cameras. I can watch live video footage online from anywhere in the world (even on holiday!) and we have put a live link of the cameras through to our website which our customers seem to really like – it gives them that extra little bit of reassurance.”

Darrel Rhodes, Technical Manager – IP Networks, from Ramtech Electronics commented: “Holiday park owners feel increasingly under pressure to strengthen their park security but do not want to go through the hassle of installing complicated and labour intensive equipment. Our wireless CCTV surveillance equipment ensure it is straightforward and cost effective to install the cameras in almost any location on the park, without the need to dig trenches or worry about the length of the cables and loss of image quality. This often presents a huge cost saving and all of our customers have been so impressed with the result that they come back to us for more cameras and additional services, such as our Park WiFi guest internet access system.”

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