Ramtech Maximises Holiday Park Security

We have recently been awarded a contract to install a network of IP-based surveillance cameras together with recording equipment at Ribby Hall Village, one of the North-West’s most prestigious holiday parks.

Utilising the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure we previously installed, we are now adding IP network video (CCTV) cameras in areas of the park where it was previously impractical to reach because of distance and cabling issues. The IP network technology used by the system means CCTV cameras can be installed in practically any location and footage can be viewed remotely via the internet or local Wi-Fi network, thereby increasing the park’s overall safety and security.

Darrel Rhodes our technical manager commented: “The new IP system is compatible with traditional analogue cameras; they can be integrated into the new system without the added cost and hassle of replacing legacy equipment. This is fantastic for park managers who want to take advantage of the latest CCTV technology but don’t want to replace existing cameras – often a very expensive task.”

Diane Cottam, Senior Project Manager at Ribby Hall Village commented: “We have always taken our park security seriously and are at the forefront in providing our guests with a safe and secure environment. Having previously worked with Ramtech when they installed our alarm and Wi-Fi systems, we were delighted to hear about this new product for CCTV ‘black spots’. The system seems really easy to use and we don’t have to replace the older cameras – which is a huge bonus for our budget.”

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