Ramtech Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary

Ramtech, the Nottingham based wireless communications specialist, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The company, now the UK’s leading manufacturer and installer of radio-based security and monitoring systems for holiday home parks and the marina industry, has come along way since it was first formed twenty years ago.

Founded in 1990, Ramtech began life as a design company specialising in the security market after it was approached by East Midlands Electricity about security issues affecting the Lincolnshire caravan industry.

By 1995, Ramtech had built a prototype for the 4000, a wireless security system for caravans and holiday parks, which was the first of its kind and within three years, after Tony McMichael joined the company, they launched the next version of the alarm called – 5000.

In 1998, the first sales team was created alongside a new R&D department and basking in its success, the company introduced a number of other security products including the appliance protector & the portable alarm.

Over the next few years the company sales team started to get results and soon the company was established as a provider to the leading holiday park groups in the UK including Bourne Leisure (Haven), Park Resorts, Park Holidays, Parkdean and Haulfryn.

By 2004, Ramtech had launched the 5095 Series Alarm and in this year, the company sold over 6,000 alarms.

In 2005 the company relocated its HQ to larger premises in Nottingham at Ramtech House on St Peters Street on the outskirts of the city.

In 2006, Andy Hicks and Tony McMichael bought the company and in 2007 the company installed its 250thalarm monitoring base station at a holiday park in Scotland.

2008 saw the launch of the Park WiFi division which provides internet and WiFi access to the leisure sector. This division has seen considerable growth in response to the increasing demand for internet access.

2008 also saw the launch of Rambase 2008, a new and much improved Operating System for the alarm monitoring system.

Like many businesses 2009 was a tough year for the company but the company forged forward with investment in its R&D projects.

This year Ramtech launched WES, a revolutionary fire alert system for the construction industry and the initial response to this product indicates it has serious potential.

Over the last 20 years the company has sold and installed in excess of 60,000 alarms in holiday homes and today it has 150 WiFi networks operating across the holiday park and marina markets. Its CCTV and IP Video business continues to go from strength to strength and WES is now in operation on 100 construction sites.

Andy Hicks, managing director of Ramtech commented: “Our values are based on providing solutions for businesses. We have never been a company to sit around and wait for opportunities to come by. Instead we have always been at the forefront of our industry, developing and adapting our products in response to market needs. I am proud of how far Ramtech has come in 20 years and we are continuing to expand our operations with the recruitment of additional people. I am confident that we will continue to go from strength to strength.”

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