Ramtech Appliance Protector Range For Holiday Home Valuables

Ramtech have updated their popular range of appliance protectors to provide even greater levels of protection for the most valuable possessions kept in and around holiday homes.

The range, which is specifically designed to protect high value equipment 24 hours a day, includes options for the protection of items either inside or outside.

The internal version is used to protect valuable items inside holiday homes such as TVs, laptops and games consoles. It can be directly linked to the holiday park’s Ramtech base station so that park staff can monitor valuables and be quickly alerted to any problems.

The external version of the appliance protector device has been specifically designed to withstand external environments. It gives total peace of mind that property such as garden furniture, sports equipment, bikes, gas bottles and tools, stored outside a holiday home is kept secure.

Both appliance protectors are battery operated so don’t require mains power. They are also easy to install, and detect anyone trying to tamper with them.

Andy Hicks, managing director of Ramtech, said: “As holiday homes have become more luxurious with more home comforts like computers, stereos and flat screen TVs stored in them, now more than ever, it is important to protect such items with effective security measures.”

“Our appliance protector provides protection for these items and, home owners can also benefit from the same protection for items stored outside, providing peace of mind that their belongings are being protected, particularly when owners are away from the park.”

Ramtech alarm systems are currently installed in 30,000 holiday homes at over 250 park sites throughout the UK, with a rapidly growing number connecting to the internet through the Ramtech Park Wi-Fi internet service.

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