Ramtech Alarm Catches Culprits At Perran Sands

A group of youths were caught in the act as they attempted to vandalise a large tent at a holiday park owned by leading holiday park group Bourne Leisure – thanks to the swift action of the security team who had been alerted by an alarm that had been triggered.

The incident took place at Perran Sands Holiday Park in Cornwall. Several youths had been emptying powder extinguishers into an empty super tent but the security team managed to catch them red handed.

This wasn’t the first time that an incident of this nature had taken place on the park. A group of youths had previously attempted to vandalise the same tent so, as a precaution, the park had arranged for extra patrols around the site. They had also asked Ramtech to install additional strategically placed wireless alarms in the tent. As a result, when this second attempt at vandalism occurred, park staff were immediately alerted to the break in before any damage was done and the youths were caught.

Ramtech have been working with Bourne Leisure for over 18 years, installing security systems in their parks at various locations across the UK from Seton Sands, just outside Edinburgh, stretching down to Perran Sands in Cornwall. Over the years we have installed in excess of over 10,000 alarms in their various parks.

“The Ramtech security system that we have on the park is perfect for our needs,” said Geoff Tyrell of Perran Sands. “The main wireless security system that Ramtech installed for us provides us with a high level of protection but we have also been able to add to it when we have needed to, to give added protection in particular areas of the park. On this occasion it enabled us to catch the youths before they could do any damage which we are delighted about.”

Andy Hicks, managing director of Ramtech, said: “We have installed alarm systems in 30,000 holiday homes at over 250 park sites throughout the UK and time and time again they are proving their worth, not only in catching people in acts of vandalism and theft but also as a deterrent.”

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