Park Maintenance Equipment

Ramtech’s monitoring systems, designed specifically for the holiday park market, can be used to provide significant additional benefits to park owners on top of their primary purpose of providing alarm protection for holiday homes.

Park maintenance teams throughout the country use the monitoring system to provide instant notification of problems with park infrastructure as well as equipment.

The wireless alarm can be used to protect equipment such as mowers, tractors and other vital equipment stored in remote locations.

In addition, Ramtech’s alarm can be interfaced with fresh water pumps, sewerage pumps, swimming pool pumps, mains fail devices, flood warning devices and many of the park’s essential infrastructure, all of which are necessary for keeping the park running smoothly during the season.

Failure of a sewerage pump during the middle of the summer can be catastrophic if not immediately rectified. Maintenance teams throughout the industry rely on Ramtech’s monitoring system to advise them of the failure of such critical devices immediately as they happen.

A message is sent from the failed unit through to a pager and the maintenance team can act within minutes.

The cost of providing these devices is very modest and provides that extra peace of mind / insurance policy that helps to avoid a major disaster.

Martin Chattin, maintenance manager at Highlands End, part of West Dorset Leisure, says: “We use Ramtech monitoring systems at Graston Copse Holiday Park and on our sewerage pumps at Larkfield Holiday Park and Golden Cap Holiday Park as they provide us with a cost effective way of monitoring our park infrastructure and equipment and identifying any problems as soon as they happen so that we can fix them straight away. They help us avoid problems that can be caused by equipment failure because we get an immediate notification”

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