New Ramtech Alarm Rings Bells With Holiday Park Operators

Technical development of Ramtech Holiday Home alarm equipment is a constant process, as the company’s hardware and software engineers strive to make any improvement in performance and ease of use. 2006 has seen the launch of a new alarm with a redesigned control box, remodelled to meet the high aesthetic standards of the latest exclusive holiday homes, a Remote Key Switch, and a clever appliance protection device which gives extra protection to high value items in or around the Holiday Home.

“This is an excellent example of a business listening to its customers,” said Commercial Manager Martyn Turton. “Today’s holiday homes offer much more sophisticated environments with great attention to detail in interior fittings, and we wanted to be sure our alarm control boxes – especially when they are fitted in view – would be a match for such contemporary designs.

“The Park Operators we serve work hard to create a relaxed ambience in their parks and we want to assist them by designing equipment which, whilst robust and effective, shares the good looks of other domestic electrical equipment.”

For customers who do choose to have the control box located out of sight in a cupboard or wardrobe, however, Ramtech has also introduced a discrete Remote Key Switch which allows the system to be quickly and conveniently armed as the holiday home owner leaves the premises. The new switch even beeps on entry to remind users to disarm the system, thus reducing the number of accidental activations.

Finally, Ramtech has realised that more and more Holiday Homes are fitted with expensive TV, DVD and Hi-Fi systems and in response has launched its new appliance protection device. This simple but effective solution interfaces easily into the existing Holiday Home Alarm panel, creating a physical connection between specific valuables and the Home’s alarm system, and can even cover items such as bikes and jet-skis.

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