Holiday Home Security Systems

Ramtech wireless security systems have been specifically developed for year round use in static caravans, so you can rely on them to protect your holiday home whatever the weather!

Your caravan will be fitted with a discreet, wireless, battery powered alarm system, plus any extras, such as panic buttons or protection for your gas bottles. Your system then communicates with a central alarm monitoring and base station on your holiday park that will be monitored by park staff who will be trained to respond should the intruder alarm be triggered.

Your Ramtech wireless security service:

  1. Connection
    The alarm system is installed by specialist SSAIB registered engineers with the minimum of fuss and linked to the park security network.
  1. Response
    If your security alarm is triggered, or you push the panic button, a silent alert is sent immediately to you holiday park’s security team who can then respond accordingly.
  1. Maintenance
    Aftercare is all part of the Ramtech service. We provide a comprehensive maintenance and service programme, including parts and labour, to ensure the ongoing reliability and effectiveness of the system – we’ll even keep an eye on your alarm’s batteries and replace them if necessary!

Ramtech alarm systems provide round the clock security monitoring providing ultimate peace of mind and protection for you and your family.

Speak to your holiday park operator about getting Ramtech installed.