iStat: Reduce Your Gas Consumption

Keep control of your gas consumption with the iStat temperature control device. iStat’s been proven to deliver energy savings of up to 40% on gas usage, so it’s the perfect way to manage your energy costs while your holiday home is sub-let.

It regulates the temperature inside your holiday home when it’s unoccupied, so you can be sure you’re not paying to heat your home when your sub-let visitors have left.

How does iStat work?

iStat is a standalone unit that connects to your holiday home’s heating system and uses motion sensors to detect when your holiday home is unoccupied. When the system detects that no occupier is present, it makes sure the heating is adjusted, switching it back to your pre-set limits when movement is again detected. So you’ll only be paying energy bills when you’re either enjoying your holiday home or it’s earning money for you while being sub-let.

iStat is fully programmable, so you can set the temperatures and time delays that work for you.

Benefits of iStat:

  • Up to 40% saving on gas usage
  • Reduced boiler wear and tear
  • Control heating costs when your holiday home’s being sublet
  • Night sensors for 24 hour monitoring
  • Helps protect against burst pipe damage

iStat is installed and maintained by Ramtech engineers and comes with the same superb after sales support and service as all our products.

Speak to your holiday park operator about how to save energy and improve your fuel consumption with the iStat temperature control system.