Future-Proof Security

Ramtech engineers have tracked down their oldest alarm unit, still going strong nearly fifteen years after installation.

Retired couple Bill and Carole Reeve live in Cambridgeshire and have owned their current holiday home at Hopton Park in Norfolk since 1995. Conscious of the need to protect their investment and wanting the peace of mind offered by sites which use our wireless system, Bill and Carole chose a home that already had the alarm installed three years earlier, and have continued to subscribe ever since.

“The system’s so easy, “said Carole. “We’ve never had any problem operating the key switch and I’m pleased to say we’ve never needed the panic button, though it’s nice to know it’s there. I’m afraid I’ve been responsible for the couple of times the alarm has gone off – because I had forgotten to turn it off – but it goes to show how good the security is on this site because the staff were there straight away.”

“It gives us great peace of mind when we’re away from the park,” said Bill. “You know that everything in the caravan is safe because the alarm is still operating and the security guards are always there. It’s well worth the annual charge for the peace of mind.”
We were delighted to hear that Bill and Carole, as owners of the company’s oldest alarm in continuous service, are so happy with both the equipment and the security back-up provided by the site.

“It’s nice to reflect,” said MD Andy Hicks, “that in this day and age you can still buy British-made electronics that aren’t obsolete or non-functioning before you’ve had the chance to enjoy the benefit of owning them. Our equipment is continually upgraded but, whilst we will always seek to improve, we’re focused on the Holiday Home market for the long term and we’ll never sacrifice our reputation for reliability.”

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