Dedicated Appliance Protector Launched

Wireless technology specialist, Ramtech, has launched a dedicated appliance protection device to secure individual items in holiday homes. Ramtech’s ‘Dedicated Appliance Protector’ has been launched due the increase in the amount of high value equipment now kept in holiday homes.

The battery operated protector is easy to install and can be used to secure items such as TV’s, microwaves, DVD players, PCs, laptops and gaming consoles. A ‘retail style’ loop sensor cable and sensor is fitted to the product and links to the existing Ramtech wireless monitoring systems. The alarm is then activated when the device is tampered with or the sensor is removed from the product.

Andy Hicks, managing director of Ramtech, said: “Holiday homes are becoming more luxurious either through design or because owners bring their creature comforts with them. They need to feel that their valuables are safe and secure if they are to continue spending time and money on your park. “Our new Dedicated Appliance Protector can be offered as an added extra to customers if you already have a Ramtech wireless alarm system installed on your park because they can be fully integrated. They can also be used to protect park owned equipment.”

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