Crime Fighting And Medical Emergencies For Ramtech Systems

Two monitoring systems from wireless communications specialist, Ramtech, have recently demonstrated their value by helping park security staff to catch wanted criminals and aid an elderly gentleman when he was taken ill.

At Camber Sands, in Essex, two security staff were patrolling the park when their Ramtech pager signalled that a caravan alarm had been triggered. Already in the vicinity of the unit, they responded immediately and arrived at the caravan to see two males climbing out of the window.

Security manager, Mark French, said: “When they ran we radioed for back-up and our team caught up with them and held them until the police came. Since then it’s transpired that they’re also accused of 64 burglaries in the local area.”

At Rockley Park, in Poole, security staff responded to a panic alarm to find an elderly gentleman with severe chest pains. While one security guard kept the man talking and conscious, the other went to the main road and directed the ambulance to the caravan.

Rockley Park security manager, Martin Hicks, said: “The panic button meant that the security staff were able to respond immediately. The wife of the gentleman in question was extremely grateful to have help and support so quickly.”

Andy Hicks, managing director of Ramtech, said: “Our wireless monitoring systems immediately alert security staff when there’s a problem and it’s particularly pleasing when they contribute to the successful resolution of situations such as these. Of course, the credit really goes to the security staff at each park who responded quickly and took control so efficiently.”

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