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With crime figures continually on the increase, security always needs to be high on a park’s agenda.

Whilst various steps can be taken to increase security, more and more parks owners are turning to wireless central security systems to protect park property and the property of holiday home owners. Such systems are designed to provide the maximum level of protection as well as being a highly cost effective solution to the security issue.

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer and installer of radio-based security and monitoring systems for holiday home parks. The company has been serving the needs of this market for 20 years, installing and maintaining systems for many holiday park groups as well as numerous independents. In total we have installed over 30,000 units at over 250 sites across the UK and have a large team of engineers who support these systems.

For parks with this system it addresses any owners’ concerns about security. It can also provide parks with an additional revenue stream. In addition parks know that they will get comprehensive support in terms of training and maintenance from a SSAIB approved supplier. Anything from static vans, lodges, chalets and bars to storage rooms, pumps and tools sheds can be protected with such systems.

As for holiday home owners whose property is often unoccupied for around 300 days a year, they have peace of mind knowing that it is protected with a simple to use system. They also benefit from lower insurance premiums.

Once a wireless system is installed on a park, it is simple to monitor security. Any breaches are immediately transmitted silently to the park’s base station and then onto a pager/mobile phone enabling park staff to respond straight away.

Additional features can be added to the system too such as appliance protectors to protect external items including ATM cash machines, gas bottles and garden furniture as well as high value items kept inside like TVs and PCs; panic alarms; door contacts; audible entry/exit detectors; security points; audible links and mobile detectors. Smoke detectors can also be linked to the system. Similarly equipment such as fire alarm panels, water and sewage pumps, fridges and freezes and swimming pool pumps can all be monitored using the system.

One park that is seeing the benefits of such a system is Riverside Caravan Park in Bognor Regis.

They use the Ramtech system to protect both park equipment and owners’ holiday homes including dedicated appliance protectors for LCD screens and TVs. They also have the call point system to track their security patrols.

Ken Standen, general manager at Riverside said: “The radio alarm and call point systems Ramtech supply us are invaluable to the running of our business. The call points give us control of our security system and allow us to track our security staff.”

In addition Searles Leisure Resort in Hunstanton, Norfolk has been using Ramtech wireless security systems since 2002.

Alarms are installed in many of the park’s buildings – the golf club, club house and driving range as well as the gas compound. There are also alarms on the sewage pumps which alert park staff to any problem so that prompt action can be taken.

More recently Ramtech has installed CCTVs around the park. These use the same technology as the wifi system that Ramtech has installed on the park which means that security is further enhanced as well as giving home owners access to the internet whilst on the park.

Maintenance is a critical part of the service that Ramtech provides to Searles too. Using remote access Ramtech can cost effectively monitor the system and trouble shoot any problems.

“As a family owned park, It is very important to us that families visiting the park are in a safe and secure environment,” said Andrew Searles. “This is why we have teamed up with a strong reputable company like Ramtech Electronics to deal with our buildings and holiday home alarm systems – it is important for peace of mind all round. With the increasing use of wireless technology, we have used
another service they offer, allowing customers to surf the web at the leisure.”

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