Caravan Park Security Gets An Upgrade

We have recently launched an upgraded version of Rambase, our wireless alarm system.

The Rambase system monitors park activity and alerts caravan owners and park operators if there is an intrusion. It sends a signal from the ‘plot’ to a single computer system which then reports the intrusion to a pager, often monitored by the park’s security team.

The system can also be used to monitor such items as water pumps, sewage pumps and carbon monoxide detectors within caravans, sending an alert if there is a problem. Panic alarms can also be monitored as well as appliance protectors, a Ramtech product that is attached to high value items within caravans such as TVs and games consoles, as well as items stored externally such as gas bottles and bikes. Again alerts are sent via the Rambase system if there are any attempts to remove or tamper with them.

Ramtech have upgraded Rambase to Windows XP. Unlike its predecessor, Rambase 2008 can be installed onto the park’s network and therefore accessed through any computer, rather than being a specific stand alone device.

Other improvements to the system include a new easy-to-use user interface, enhanced user access controls and reports together with a fully configurable system that can be adapted to meet the park’s requirements. Alongside this, the system can be backed up remotely by connecting it to Ramtech and there is also the potential to connect to a 3rd party park management system.

Andy Hicks, managing director of Ramtech Electronics commented: “Rambase 2 was the first of its kind when it was launched over ten years ago and was very exciting for the holiday park industry. Given all the improvements and changes in technology, we used our wireless expertise to develop the product and adapt its functions to suit modern computing systems. We are pleased with the new system which has been welcomed by the industry.”

Jon Hogson, general manager of Manor Holiday Village commented: “Ramtech have always kept our park safe and secure with their products. We were excited to hear about the new system that will make park monitoring more effective and even simpler whilst also making it easier to train new members of staff on it.”

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